To a Business Owner in a Recession

I hope things are going well. As a business owner, I definitely empathize with having to make tough financial decisions. Especially in times of recession, the impulse to tighten the purse strings is definitely understandable. Understandable but actually the opposite of what you should do in terms of marketing.

Let's assume, for example, that currently less people are hiring CPAs. So the logic, or misconception, might follow that with less potential clients, there is less money, and therefore companies need to spend less. In fact, the consequence of less clients is more competition.

Now might be the most crucial time to invest in your marketing to attract those clients who are out there. Perhaps not appearing very prominently in Google's search results in the past was not that significant to your company, but having an online presence that is hard to find is not bringing in new business, and not instilling a sense of  trust and confidence with your content and design will actually cause potential clients to turn away. So while it might seem that postponing this decision is saving you money, it actually might be costing you much, much more.

If you and your partners would like to have a consulting meeting to further discuss improving your company's writing, let me know and we can schedule one. Even a moderate level of improvement would place you far ahead of your competition.

I hope to hear from you soon.
The EditorMuse

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