Why Hiring a Freelancer Saves Money

Everyone is looking to save nowadays—a very prudent choice and not just in light of the current economic situation. Avoiding waste shouldn’t be trendy, seasonal, or recession-driven.
Let’s say there is a company, DIY Inc., who has extended the entrepreneurial spirit that started the company to a do-it-yourself attitude regarding aspects of the company outside of their specialty.  DIY Inc. decides to increase their web visibility by launching a six-month SEO campaign. Joanne “Keep it All In-House” Smith, the CEO, thinks that she has two choices:

  1. The receptionist at the front desk answers the phones and has free time to work on writing blogs, keyword maintenance, site listing, search engine submission, and code optimization. Her degree is in history, but once took a journalism class in college. She doesn’t feel like a very strong writer or savvy about the Internet, but with this SEO for Dummies book, how hard could it be?
  2. DIY Inc. publishes some regular marketing materials—a monthly newsletter, a quarterly report, occasional industry targeted articles, and some one-sheet flyers that are mailed to previous customers. With the SEO idea, there’s a new position to be created in the company: Marketing Communications Specialist I. The work takes this new full-time employee (who also receives health, dental, and life insurance benefits and 401K matching) 16 hours a week to complete, however he is paid for 40 hours for just being there. The SEO campaign was only six-months long, so now what is the Marketing Communications Specialist I being paid to do?

Joanne Smith didn’t realize that there was a third option—hiring a freelancer. Outsourcing your copywriting and editing to a freelancer can save your company money by:

  1. Reducing overhead costs: There are no benefits to pay, and a freelancer only bills for hours worked rather than being paid a salary whether there was work to do or not.
  2. Working primarily offsite: There are costs associated with housing an employee internally, although the job functions can be accomplished through phone, email, and face-to-face meetings as needed.
  3. Providing an expert in what you need: A freelancer specializes in what they do. I have worked my entire career writing words that sell and editing to highlight a client's best. This is what I know and do best.
  4. Working over 40 hours a week: Owning my own company, I work until the work is complete, which can extend beyond Monday-Friday, 9-5. It's not overtime; it's just necessary.

So the next time there is work to be done, think before you post that ad for a permanent employee. Even a long-term arrangement with a freelancer is cheaper than increasing your staff. For a freelance editor, proofreader, or writer, contact…
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