EditorMuse offers various classes and lectures in the Austin area as part of our goal to inspire and empower the literary community.

Creative Writing Workshop--Required Reading

There is one required text for the creative writing workshop:
The Art of Dramatic Writing: Its Basis in the Creative Interpretation of Human Motives by Lajos Egri
ISBN: 0-671-21332-6
It is available both used and new on
There is no assigned reading for the first class, but please have the book by Sept. 6th.


The Creative Workshop/Instruction beginning on September 6th will be held at
4618 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78756-3026
(512) 420-8758
(Click the link for directions)

Creative Writing Workshop--UPDATE

I received a very good question today and felt that I should share the answer with all of you:

Question:Are there any other classes after the Workshop/Instruction class is completed that students are able to take to further their writing?

Answer: Yes. This writing workshop is the first of many classes and also the foundation for developing a prolific creative literary community in Austin. It all begins with you.

The goal of this class/workshop is for the participants to each create a publishable work of fiction which will be published as an online literary magazine called Sensei. Students who have successfully completed the first workshop will be invited to participate in the intermediate workshop and then finally the Masters' workshop. Those in the Masters' workshop will be able to demonstrate their mastery by passing on their skills to young writers.

The idea behind Sensi is that we are all on the same path, only some are further ahead than others. Through this process, I will train you to know what I do, and you will be able to teach it to others.

Question: Is this class an online class or a place that the students meet every week? If they do meet at a specific location is there an address so I can determine how the commute works with my schedule?

Answer: This class will actually meet at a location to be announced soon. Once I know the final class size, I will know what size space we need. So the sooner you can give me a firm commitment on your interest in the class, the sooner I can let you know the location.

If people have location preferences or restrictions, let me know and I will keep them in my consideration.


There are still spaces available for the September class until September 1

September classes will begin Sunday, September 6, 2009. There are still spaces available for interested students until September 1.
Check out the blog or contact us for more detail!

Teach a (Wo)Man to Fish--Creative Writing Workshop/Instruction

Are you writing a novel or short stories? Do you want to take your writing hobby to the next level? Would you like the advice of an experienced writer?
Creative Writing Workshop/Instruction
Six Meetings/Six Weeks
$120 per student
15 students per class (maximum)

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